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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Glass Class 3 - A Paper Weight

Last month was my third glass class.  This time instead of making an ornament, I made a paper weight.

Started out with a big glob of molten glass.

I dipped the glass straight down into a special mix of glass chips.

Back into the glory hole to bring it back up to temperature.

One more dip to pick up some more color.

Next step was a new one...

...I used the tongs to press into the molten glass, making a deep dimple.

That pushed the color down into the middle of the hot glass.

The ball of glass was then swirled back in the crucible to collect up a second layer of glass.

Then it was back and forth shaping and reheating, and shaping a bit more.  Notice how when the glass is very hot all the colors look orange?

Algar took over for the separating of the bulb from the pipe.

Cooling down... you start to see the color change.

Just about separated.

And how did it turn out?

Bottom.  Algar ground down the base so it sits flat.

Looking down through the bottom.  Pretty cool!  That gives me an idea to try next time...

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