Monday, July 11, 2016

Veggie Overload at the Amish Produce Auction

I'm gearing up for canning season.  Part of my pre-planning involved heading north to Fairview, KY for the Amish produce auction.

When you see the buggies along with trucks, cars, tractors, and bicycles... you know you are at the right place!

Many local restaurants and stores get their produce here.  There are auctions 4 days a week.

Each trolley is one lot of produce.

Care for a few tomatoes?

There's all sorts of varieties.

Fruit is available too.

Beautiful cauliflower.

An overload of yellow squash.

Bushels of cabbage.

Onions anyone?

There's an area where you can get smaller amounts too.  It's usually a half bushel or less.

Like this box of mixed tomatoes.

Or these 10 half pound bundles of asparagus.

Hmmm.. guess who forgot her notepad?

My bargain for the day was a half bushel (about 25) cucumbers for $1.50.  Yep, .06c a cucumber!  Also got a half bushel of green beans for $2.

We'll be back soon!

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