Saturday, July 23, 2016

Best of the Bonsai

Last Saturday was my first bonsai show since rejoining the club.  No, I didn't have anything to enter this year... but I'll have something at least for the novice class by next July!  Instead, Himself and I worked the show... which basically meant making sure no one was touching the trees and answering what questions we could.

There was a nice display for a club only show.

The tree on the right is a 300-ish year old black pine.

Nice set up.

Isn't this root-over-rock cool?

Love that twisty trunk on this pine.

Beautiful cascade.  That's what I am aiming for with one of my trees.

This one is a burning bush!  What a cool specimen.

Close up of one of the accent plants (kusamono).

This specimen was a 'love it or hate it'.  It is a crepe myrtle.

I love it and am now giving 'the eye' to a myrtle in my yard that isn't doing much...

Planted in a rock!  Wow.

The rock next to it is an accent piece called Seiseki.  I tease Himself that is Japanese for "cool rock".

Looks like a turtle...

...but it is really a trilobite fossil!

Great composition!

A viewing stone.  It is supposed to bring to mind an island in the ocean.

"Cool Stone"

Since this WAS a show, of course there are winners...

Best exhibit.

Best deciduous. (Bald cypress)

Best evergreen.

Best in Show and Viewers Choice award.  (Trident Maple)

Look at that wonderful root area!

Ever wonder how those larger trees are toted around?  With a little red wagon!

During the show, John worked on a Rocky Mountain juniper.

Here's the process from start to finish (for now finish).

Big difference, eh?

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