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Monday, February 15, 2010

No Disney for me!

One of the blogs I follow had a posting about Disney shows called "Why Does Disney Hate Parents?" Oh that pushed some buttons on me.

I have always loathed Disney because of that... someone HAS to die (or be dead before the opening credits roll) for it to be a Disney. What sort of sick garbage is that?? (OK, it was pointed out that "101 Dalmatians" had both human and dog parents intact - but the whole show was based on the plan to MURDER the puppies. Great childhood memory, huh?).

My detesting of Disney reached a crescendo when I was 16. I was tasked to take my 5 year old sister to see "The Fox and The Hound". Opening credits - Mama Fox running with Baby Fox in her mouth. Hounds baying in the distance. I thought "Oh s***!" I look over at my sister. Kids aren't stupid...there were tears flowing down her cheeks already. I gathered my things to leave the theater but she wouldn't go. Refused. So there we sat. From Mama Fox dying off-screen to "Why can't we be friends anymore?"

When we left the theater it looked like I had been beating her. Tear streaked blotchy face. Swollen eyes. Bawling.

Must have been what my parents thought too because their first words as we came thru the door (she still sobbing) was "What have you done to her!?!"

My reply - "I am never taking her to another d*** Disney movie again!"

And I haven't.

My sister is now 36 and has a beautiful 6 month old daughter. And I will never take Hanna to a d*** Disney movie either!

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