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Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Note to "Tiger"

Your days of The Golden Boy are gone. You may play a mean game of golf but that's about all it seems you do well. Other than that, you're a self-centered control freak who is grasping to keep a house of cards from collapsing. The carefully manufactured persona in an elaborate role playing game has been exposed.

Your so-called press conference was such a sham. No... it was a SHAME. As in "shame on you".

Shame on you for timing it during the Olympics to take attention off of the competitors. It's been 2 and a half months of silence since your "accident". Couldn't you have kept you mouth shut for 10 more days?

Shame on you for staging such a contrived forum for your little press conference. Seriously!

Shame on you for even making an apology "to the world" for your infidelity. You're not that important. If you want to apologize to the world, apologize for dragging all this drama on for months and months by giving slow feeds to the media to keep it going.

Good-bye Eldrick Woods... you're no longer a tiger...


  1. My thoughts exactly....
    You said it so elequently.

  2. Amen Sister!!

    Amanda English


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