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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tai Chi

For a while I have done Tai Chi on and off as a form of exercise. Since first seeing it, I’ve been drawn to the discipline and grace of the martial art. When Himself was in karate, I love watching the class do their kata. Same thing...different discipline.

Done slowly it is excellent for building balance, strength and endurance.

Done with speed it is an excellent form of low impact aerobics. Combine them and you have a full workout.

Tai chi is easy to learn but you must master each pose to do it correctly. Once you know even a few poses, you can put them together in a form (routine). There are DVDs you can buy where an instructor leads you in a form or you can ‘wing it’.

Benefits to doing tai chi are that it requires no uniform, no equipment, is quiet, and can be done in a small space. If you travel you can do your forms in the motel room or at a park (if you don’t mind people watching).

Just recently I discovered fan tai chi. Remember, tai chi is a martial art and this discipline was created for the ladies. The fan functions as a defensive weapon... all the while retaining grace and beauty for the lady. (And it’s great for cooling yourself off after a good workout!)

I purchased this fan and instructional DVD. Isn’t it gorgeous?! It raises the intensity of the workout too. This fan is not for swaying violets. Its ribs are made of steel! It’s heavy!! Traditional fans have bamboo ribs.


  1. Where did you find the fan and DVD?

  2. I think it was on Amazon. However, that post is almost 4 years old so I don't know if they have it any longer.


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