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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Country Pantry Amish Bulk Food Store in Guthrie, KY

This unassuming little building holds one of my favorite food shopping places. 

Country Pantry is an Amish bulk food store.  It is on Hwy 181 off of Hwy 79 going east out of Clarksville.  The address is 9115 Guthrie Rd., Guthrie, KY.

Only three aisles long, it is cram packed with flours, beans, sugars, grains, and on & on!

Do you want raw almonds?  Got ‘em!  How about wasabi peas?  Got those too!  Lots of dried fruit are to be found also.

There are flours I’ve never heard of…almond meal flour, rice flour, brown rice flour, spelt flour, buckwheat flour…

Rices, lentils, beans… oh my!

Barley, quinoa, and couscous too.

Doesn’t matter if you need a little or a lot.

Here’s my happy place… bulk herbs and spices for a fraction of the grocery store prices!  I’ll buy a tub of whatever and split it with my Mom and Sis.

Then there are the refrigerators full of meats and cheeses and butters.

It is well worth the trip to the country so I can fill MY pantry!

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  1. I agree!! One of my favorite stores, and the prices are amazing! I'm heading there this week to get my pantry stocked up, its well worth a trip to the country! I live in Clarksville, and love taking friends out there who have never been, they're always equally amazed at the prices and items available, love the new expansion of the store!


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