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Sunday, April 6, 2014

It's Tartan Day!

Happy Tartan Day!  Maybe this is the Scottish answer to the ‘all things Irish’ of how St. Patrick’s Day is now observed.  

I have three family tartans.  On Mom’s Welsh side (yes, Welsh have tartans too) is the Davies tartan.

On Dad’s maternal side is the McFie/MacPhee tartan.

And on his paternal side is the Hanna tartan.  Both of his clans are Scottish.

Unfortunately for me, they are small clans… which mean you don’t find your tartan very often.  Like almost never.  So while in Scotland I ordered some things and had them shipped to my home when they were ready.  One of the things I ordered was a meter of fabric.  (As you can imagine, it’s a rather spendy piece of material.)

And now I have this beautiful piece of Clan Hanna tartan… what am I going to do with it? 

I put a small sample piece the mill sent into this jar along with a stone from Galloway and some sand from a beach there. 

My first thought is to just split it and make a simple elegant shawl like this.

Besides as a wrap, I could wear it like this too.  Dressed down and fun.

Or I could find a beautiful chair and reupholster the back like this.  I have the perfect place in the living room for such a chair.

So fashion… or décor?  What do you think?

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