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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April In The Rear View Mirror

What I thought would be a weeks’ work turned out taking a whole month of hard work. 

Yes… I would be talking about the shed…

Himself had thoughts to clean it out WAY more thoroughly than I had planned.  So while it has taken much longer than I planned (like all month), it is so much better than I had planned!

However, extra time in the shed meant yard stuff didn’t happen. 

So May will turn into an overall yard clean up and landscaping month!  Which isn’t so bad… maybe Spring will finally be here to stay.  We have a lot of plans for the yard.  

We spent Easter here in Tennessee, taking part in many events during Holy Week… Maundy Thursday, Passover Seder, and Easter sunrise service. 

Except for one unexpected overnight guest, we didn’t entertain this month.  We plan to make up for it in May!! 

No Whole Foods classes for April.  They were all cancelled!!   We made it to Mule Days tho.  What a hoot!  Definitely on our calendar to go back next year on a different day to see other events. 

May looks like it is going to be a slower paced month with a lot of putzing outside.  Gotta take care of those ‘May flowers’!

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