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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring At The Lake

Today was a beautiful day… much too nice to stay inside.  So we took our first “spring” walk down to the lake.

The trilliums are just starting to bloom.

Most people seem to think they are plain looking.  I think they are cool.

The deadnettle popped out as soon as it turned warm.  Have you ever noticed how they turn fields into purple carpets? 

We walked down to the hay field and found an area full of violets.  I might transplant some up to our bird garden. 

Not sure what this is.  Looks like it is in the hen-bit family. 

I almost missed this tiny fern.  It’s only 3 inches long.

Such a pretty color!

Himself found this interesting branch. 

Amazing color!!!

A tree growing out of the bluff.  Grasses have taken a toe-hold in the moss.  Did you notice all the geodes in the limestone ledge?

Under the old trestle.

The creek is flowing briskly.  Water temps are pretty brisk too! 

But apparently not too brisk for this fellow.

At one point we sat on some rocks to rest and visit a bit.  The stones were so rough we took a closer look at them.  The whole thing was embedded fossils!

Each photo view is about 3 inches.  Coral, crinoids, mollusks and who knows what else. 

Post is having a huge helicopter exercise this week and we are seeing a lot of choppers flying over.  They follow the river in their maneuvers.

After several hours of ambling, we came home tired and content.  It was a lovely walk.


  1. You have interesting photos you took. We have the trillium white and then we have it what you have the darker color. Someone told me when they go that color it means they are finished. Have you heard that.

    What is that orange on the tree. Is it a fungus but if so it is a pretty tree fungus. I have never seen that bright color. What time of month would that be showing? Early Spring or summer still?

  2. We have wild violets too. Pretty aren't they.The deadnettle are pretty. That is a name I never knew. Thanks for the name.We have lots of fern. In damp area in our bush.
    Thanks for sharing. I had you on my list but on my side bar about ten of you don't show up when I come back to post. I don't know why. I put you there. Just don't stay where I can see it. So I have really missed out on your pictures. Sorry about that. Please drop in to my blog. That way you will show up on it. I can then keep track of you.


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