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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunrise Service

Christ is risen!  He is risen, indeed!

This Easter we were home so we were able to attend our church’s sunrise service.  The morning was perfect, although a tad brisk at 49*. 

Because of the chill it was decided to hold the sunrise service inside for the sake of our elderly members.  Our associate pastor John gave a short message.

And Alison our worship leader led us in a song.

Afterwards we enjoyed a potluck breakfast before heading upstairs to the sanctuary for our regular Sunday morning service. 

Today we had two services with our SS class between them.  That way if folks didn’t want to be a part of the sunrise service events, they could come to Sunday School and service as normal.  We who came early could go home after Sunday School.  It worked great!

The choir did my favorite Easter song.

Bro. Mike, our senior pastor, delivered a great sermon using the Prodigal Son as an example of our own redemption in Christ.

It was good to be in the House of the Lord today!

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