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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Heath Calhoun: Home Town Boy and Olympian

Clarksville welcomed home our own Olympian last Saturday.  A super Olympian in my books…

Heath Calhoun won a silver medal in the Sochi Winter Olympics in the men’s sitting super-combined ski event.

Yes… sitting.

Heath is a Para-Olympian and a veteran of the 101st Airborne Division out of Ft. Campbell.  He was injured in Iraq when he was hit by an RPG round.  His injuries resulted in him losing both of his legs above the knee.

There was quite a turn-out for his homecoming.  Heath flew into the local airport and was paraded through town.  He was escorted by the Patriot Guard Riders and I think every other motorcycle rider in a hundred radius.

The public was invited to line the parade route to welcome him home with flags and lots of noise.  And then to a party at the local Harley shop.

Well, that was an invitation I couldn’t resist!

Himself and I found a nice place to park and were waiting with our flags and an air-horn I found at the Dollar Tree.  

Pretty soon here came the bikes!

Bikes as far as your eye could see!

And finally… the man of the day.  You can just barely see him in the front passenger seat waving at us.

It was way too crowded at the Harley dealership so we drove on by.  But it sure looked like it was a great party.  I heard he stayed until everyone who wanted to visit with him had done so.  He also let kids put on his silver medal and posed with them for photos.

He sounds like a pretty nice guy to me.

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