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Monday, April 28, 2014

Lilacs Have Bloomed

This has been a wonderful spring for my lilac bushes we planted on both sides of the shed.  They have been blooming like crazy… enough so that I could even cut some to bring inside.

While we worked on the shed, we have enjoyed looking at (and smelling) them.  I kept meaning to bring my camera out to take some photos but that shed work kind of gave me tunnel vision.

So when I ran outside to get some shots before our first big spring storm hit, I was surprised to see they have mostly faded.  

The old-fashioned lilacs had just one that was still looking good.

The others are pretty faded.  But you know what… they are still lovely.

This one is still setting flowers. 

Love the way the white outlines the petals.

This tiny flower bunch is on a reblooming lilac.  I’m a bit disappointed with it.  It does bloom a lot… but it hasn’t grown much. 

I was so focused on working in the shed that I didn’t cut nearly as many as I wished I had.  I’ll have to make a note for myself to bring more inside next spring!

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