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Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Country Drive

After days of rain, we finally had a dry spell yesterday.  Since we both were having a bit of cabin fever and I wanted to shoot some photos, it was a perfect day to go for a drive.

We went along one of our favorite routes...past 'the cows'...

And by the Round House...

to down deep in the valley.

The road is lined with Sweet William along one section.

The gate to nowhere.

More Sweet William.

Wild violets.

Bubbles collected on this rock and no place else in this little creek.  I wonder why.

Farther up the creek.

Heading up the hill, we saw these wild iris.

Here is a mystery.  This looks like Royal Catchfly... which is SUPPOSED to be 'extinct' in TN (tho found in other areas of its range).  I can see I'll be contacting the Missouri Botanical Gardens about IDing this beauty.

Yellow Rocket (an edible wild green).

Not sure what this one is...


The view from the top.  There is a house behind me that had this view to their north, and the river to the west.  What a location!

It's such a nice drive... don't you agree?

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