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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hunting Season Begins!

Bargain hunting that is!

Yard sales are in full swing now.  On our way out of town Saturday, we left a bit early so I could hit a few yards sales.

The hunting was very, very good...

The Rummikub game was only $1.  This is a favorite at our church game nights.

I found a few things for crafting... the bunnies will be cute in moss gardens, the ribbon is perfect for a Christmas wall hanging I want to make for next Christmas, and the curtain rings will be used in several projects.  $1 for the lot.

I found a whole herd of shaggy Little Ponies (a couple didn't make it into the picture) for .20c each.  There's going to be a Pony spa day soon!  They are some sort of special edition so I know Little Bird doesn't have these.

Two packages of pencils for .10c.  Those went into my Operation Christmas Child stash.

Cute leg warmers for next winter, new and only $1.

A nice heavy glass pitcher for $1.

Magazines... free!  The treasure is the "Cooks Illustrated"!

Some blinged out tennys for the Little Bird.  I think they are one size too large for now.

Cute little drawer set.  It's about 10"x12"... for $1.  I think it will work perfectly in my jewelry making organization.

And a Little Pony 'chariot'.  It's remote control... Little Bird is going to love that.  The lady threw it in with the ponies (she REALLY wanted that herd thinned out!  LOL)

Not a bad start for the summer hunting season!  

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  1. Great deals! Rummikub is one of our favorite games.


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