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Thursday, April 9, 2015

It Could Have Been a Tragedy

These are my favorite pair of 'house pants'.   

Soft fleece and loose fit, they are super comfy.  They are my go-to choice for working around the house.  

Or... I should say WERE my favorite pants...

See the hole?

I walked past our kerosene heater and apparently that soft loose fabric brushed the heater.

In an instant... so fast I couldn't even react, there was a 'whoosh', a flash of heat, and melted fleece on the side of the kerosene heater (it was like it was sucked towards the heater).

I was truly blessed that I was not burned.

Then I got the cold chills.  

That fabric melted so very fast there was NOTHING I could do.  Then I thought about Little Bird and Little Hoss... and all the other babies that are wearing cute fleece pants and house jackets their mamas made from fleece.

So quickly things could turn horrible.  Just a brush against a heater or candle, or reaching over a gas stove burner.

And there would be nothing they could do to stop the burning.

1 comment:

  1. WOW! That's scary.

    I know there's flammability standards for sleepwear, but I guess those standards don't apply to clothes.


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