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Thursday, April 2, 2015

It's Lawn and Garden Month

Did you know it's National Lawn and Garden Month?

It certainly is going to be just that out here at The Sticks...all the way through May!  Our icy and cold winter has made a complete mess of our yard.  Besides that, I am SO ready to be outside and adding some color!  Also we are having guests in a few weeks and that 'curb appeal' needs to happen.

Starting with the front porch...

Kind of bland right now.  Time to make it warm and welcoming.

Looking to the left is my herb bed.  (Forgot to get a 'before' photo and now it is raining... so this one will do).  That walkway will be finished.  The herb bed will be cleaned out, although I won't plant it until early May.

Looking right is the 'court yard'.  It's get a complete makeover!

And this is what you see when you turn around.  We have a lot of clean up here.  Ugh.

This will be a new area.  I'm putting a small fire pit in here so a lot of cleaning out and fixing up will be happening.

All of the above is what I want done by mid-month so there's curb appeal when my guests arrive.  There is a whole lot more that will be done by Memorial Day!

Do you have any plans for your yard this spring?

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