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Friday, April 3, 2015

"The Perfect Macaron"

Wednesday night Himself and I worked a fun class at the Whole Foods cooking school.  It was called "The Perfect Macaron".

I had huge ulterior motives for volunteering to work this class.  You see, I had never tasted a macaron in my life.  I had admired them in pastry cases... so pretty... but I just wasn't willing to pay $2.50 or higher for a tiny cookie that I might not like.

And no one ever gave me one to try...

The class was taught using this book.

After going over the recipe, I now know why they are so blasted expensive.

First you have to use almond flour/meal that has been fine sifted.

Then you have to measure out 'aged' egg white by the gram weight.

Next step is to beat them just the right amount of time.

They get really stiff.

At that point, it is time to fold in your dry ingredient and coloring... for exactly 17 folds.

Once you have done all that, you must pipe the batter/dough to a certain size.  Not too big, not too little.  Then you take the tray of cookies and SLAM it down on the counter about 7 times, rotate the tray and do it again.

After which they must sit for 30-ish minutes to 'dry'.  While you wait, it is time to make whatever delicious filling you want inside.

The class did 6: lemon butter cream, blueberry butter cream, raspberry white chocolate, green tea, dark chocolate ganache, and white chocolate ganache.

Almost ready.  See how they are still a bit shiny?

Once you can touch them and they aren't sticky, it is into the oven for 10 minutes.

Don't forget to turn the pan halfway through!

Cooked perfectly.

After they cool, you make little sandwich cookies with your filling(s).


(OK, not perfect looking.  The volunteers put theirs together after the students left.  We were all tired and wanted to get home... which for Himself and I is an hour drive.)

I love them!

But I still won't pay $2.50 for one.

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