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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ladder Me Show You This

I love to repurpose things; using them in a completely new way.  One thing I'm always on the look out for are old ladders.  I have a few in the shed for some projects I have in mind... as soon as I finish other project so I can get to them!

Until then, here are a few ladder projects I've done already.

This little ladder is on our bedroom wall.  Snagged it from Mom when she redecorated.

This step ladder was found along side the road!  Oh I did the happy dance when I found it!  It gets moved around constantly.

Five dollars at ReStore... and a bit of paint.... and I now have a fun decoration for our bird garden.  It's going to have even more bird houses on it by summer.

Now all my ladders are for decorative uses.  This one is my perfect rack for drift wood boards.

So... what do you repurpose and use at your home?

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