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Thursday, April 23, 2015

March WAS For Me!

Oops!  Forgot to do this posting!

Tho the weather outside was frightful for most of March, it was delightful for me.  The only projects I did were for me.  No spring cleaning, no dead lines, no self induced stress.


So, what did I do for an entire month?

I read a lot.  I played around with some of my crafts (and entered some in a competition).  Spent some time with the baby kiddos.  Shot some photos.  Attended several events.  Started a Bible study at my church.  Putzed in my studio.  Visited with friends.  

I also got a new very short hair cut.

Cleared my closet of frump!

Gave myself a mani-pedi.

And just rested.

It was very good.

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