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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Springtime in the Country... On My Table

After a crazy winter, it is more than time to bring some Spring into our home.  A new table vignette was an easy way to start.

I love my big ol' table, it's a little bit farmhouse and a little bit contemporary.  There are three slabs of slate down the middle like a rock runner.  Perfect for setting hot bowls on.

When we found it, Himself had taken off in one direction in the store and I in another.  When we met back up to leave, he said there was something he wanted to show me.  And I told him there was something I wanted to show him.  
We took each other over to this very table!

I found this great pot that Sis gave to me down in my studio.  To fill it, I raided the pansies I had bought for the front porch (I can get more next week) and some leftover moss from making my moss garden.  These two books in my reading que match the colors in the pot perfectly.

Mom gave me this sweet sign a few years ago for my birthday.  The basket peeking out from behind it is one that I made.

I found this darling English ring dish in an antique shop in Minnesota.  Does anyone know anything about it?

The doilies were gifts.  And the lazy susan belonged to my grandmother.

It was so much fun to put this together!  It's given me the itch to bring even more Spring inside.

I wonder what I'll work on next...

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