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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A New Table Setting

About 10 years ago Himself was going through a bout of dish breaking.  Seemed at least once a week a dish would hit just wrong in our enameled iron sink and shatter.

Our stack of dishes was dwindling rapidly!

So I headed over to Dollar Tree to pick up 14 new ones.  My thought was that I wouldn't care when the cheap ones were broken.

For NINE years that man did not break another plate!

Then last year we each broke one.  And that is when I realized I was hoping more would break...

I was so, so tired of my dishes.

In October I was back at Dollar Tree purchasing the plates and bowls for my Homemaker's Club cake stand project.  As I looked over the selection, bells rang and the angels sang...

I found a set I loved!!

However I was really in a hurry and leaving in two days for our trip to MN.  I reasoned that I could get them when I got home as they had just been set out.

Two weeks later, the beginning of November... they were all GONE!  Cue the weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Dropped back in to Dollar Tree last week to pick up some little thing.  I decided to make a pass through dishes to see if some new had come in that I liked.

My dishes were back!

Himself told me to load up the buggy (he likes them too).  I have a full set now plus a few to make some serving pieces with.

Cue the angel choir!!!

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