Monday, December 14, 2015

German Christmas Market in TN

I discovered a new holiday activity for us... a German Christmas Market held at a local Lutheran church.  From the posts on its Facebook page it looked like a lot of fun with some high-end arts and craft vendor booths.

We weren't disappointed.  There was some very nice things for sale.

Loved this booth with wood works from Germany.

And this artist was incredible.

She paints in the style of the Old Masters.  My one purchase of the day was a print of a Magi with his gift.

These ceramics were fun.  Don't you love the caterpillar.  It would be great in a fairy garden.

Some nice gourd ornaments.

Handmade knives.

The whole time this group provided live Christmas music.  That's where Himself ended up hiding out.  (He can only take so much 'cute' before he starts looking for cover!)

There was a very unique aspect to this market... one that I'll write about next week!

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