Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Kitty Treasure

Every spoiled kitty needs a big pile of toys to play with and a place to keep them.

I had this 'treasure chest' among my containers to upcycle for my studio.

Look at all the kitty toys... and there are only two in there that have been bought.  The rest are made or found.

Her first toys... her 'knots'.  The pink one was given to her by a judge at the cat show where we adopted her.  The rest are from fabric leftover when those lounging pants of mine caught fire.

She gets really excited when she sees these toys.  They are the plastic 'tabs' that come from a milk jug handle when it does get popped out.  She sends them all over like tiny hockey pucks!

In the "who would have thought it" category.  A strap that came around a pile of catalogs from Restoration Hardware.  She likes to hide this under a plastic bag to pounce on.

Foil balls... good for a few rounds of kitty soccer.

A wadded up Instant Breakfast envelope that missed the trash can... now the purrrfect dodge ball.

A shell piece stolen off my dresser.  Make noise + slide far = great fun.

Ditto for the ink cartridge cover.

Good for chewing and swatting.

Another favorite to chew on.

She does have three purchased toys.  A feather wand that is the absolute favorite toy (that stays in my desk drawer so it won't get shredded).  And two little mice and a fuzzy 'bug' that I had to pick up when I forgot to bring toys for her on a trip.

"Hey Mom!  What are you doing with my treasure chest?"

"There better not be anything missing!"

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