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Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Small Town Parade

Macy's Thanksgiving parade.  The Rose Bowl parade.  National Independence Day parade.  All are grand and wonderful parades with jaw dropping floats, incredible bands, and amazing costumes.  

But there is something about a small town parade that is even more grand and wonderful.

The hospitality.

Little children waiting with their mamas.

Local heroes - the first responders - leading the way.

Simple decorations.

Floats made by families.

And ridden on by local children.  So fun to hear the calls... "Hi Mommy!"... "Grandpa!  Look at ME!"

Even the back of a pick-up is grand!

School mascots come visiting.

Safe behind Mom's back is a perfect place to watch.

Guess who?

Bringing up the rear... the long-ears!

There's another way that small town parades are the best...

Thrown candy!!

So much that a Wee Princess needs help getting it picked up before the next group rolls by!

Run!  Here they come - with more candy to catch.  (Note the Princess's candy tote purse sitting ready.)

What a haul!  Her bag is almost full.

She shares too.

Yes, small town parades are just perfect.

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