Friday, December 11, 2015

If It Fits... I Gets...

How do you like my latest roadside flotsam find?

There's a story behind it...

Himself and I were out for a country drive combined with some 'power walking' for him (meaning finding the biggest hills to climb) and I looking for some photo ops.

When we met back up, he told me that on the other side of the valley someone had been dumping some yard debris off the side of the hill and had lost their wheelbarrow.

What??  A free wheelbarrow??

Well Alrighty then!

(We figure whoever had a truckload of stuff and not wanting to get too close to the edge of the drop-off, had been using the wheelbarrow to haul stuff to the edge... and lost control.  Now their wheelbarrow was 20 feet down the embankment with their junk, and they weren't feeling it to climb down to retrieve it.

Himself said "No problem" and in short order it was up on the roadside.

Now there was a problem...

You see, little Mattie is a sweet little car with a nice size trunk for her size.  But she is no Little Red pick-up.

And that wheelbarrow did not fit.

I was determined it WAS coming home with us.  We spent a good 10 minutes rigging it up to get it back to the house.  An Ikea tote and some plastic grocery bags to tie it down did the trick.  (Note to self: get some rope and bungees in the trunk!)

A third wheelbarrow is going to be so useful!

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