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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

An Elf and His Friend

Sis and family came down for a visit, and the kid's 'elf on a shelf' Ziggy met our elf Fritz.  (Fritz is a vintage elf that had belonged to Himself's Mom.)  They thought it was awesome we had an elf 'watching' us too.  The fact that Fritz is small kind of amazed them too.  He's about a third of the size of Ziggy because he was a tree ornament.

When they left, Little Hoss forgot to get his reindeer toy.  To let Sis and Big J know it was safe and sound, I sent this photo to them.

Dec 20

It was so much fun posing them, I decided to finish out the elf season with a Fritz and Friend photo each morning.  To make life easier on me... I took all the photos at once.

Dec 21

"This is MY bed Fritz!"

Dec 22

Naughty Elf and Reindeer

Dec 23

"Hello Ladies!"

And most important of all...

Dec 24

Come Let Us Adore Him

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