Sunday, December 20, 2015

Trinket: A Wee German House

Sliding the trinket calendar back to November 2003.  I had just left Bosnia and I had a long layover in Frankfort, Germany.  Long like in 18 hours overnight long.

I'm not into sleeping in airport chairs if I can help it, so I booked a room outside the airport at a hotel with shuttle service.  My carry-ons were packed accordingly so all was good.  After checking in, I took a cab to the opera house where I had dinner and saw a show.

The next day my flight didn't leave until around 2pm, so I booked a Greyline tour of downtown Frankfort.  What a blast!  We visited an area where the Christmas Market would be running that weekend.  There were a few vendors already set up and I did some quick shopping.

This is one of my trinkets.

Yes, very tourist... yet rather cute.

And a reminder of something I would get authentically someday when I get to come back to German.

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  1. I would love to visit the German Christmas one day! Thanks for sharing!


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