Friday, December 4, 2015

Our First Christmas Presents... Operation Christmas Child

As always, Operation Christmas Child is the start of our holiday season!

When we were in MO in October, we went shopping (our third year) with Little Bird and Little Hoss.  They were so excited and told us all about the things we did last year.  Wow.

Both kids wanted to do a box for a baby rather than one for a child their own age.

Little Bird and her bounty.

Getting it packed up.

Hoss did a good shopping too.  (He wanted his OCC child to see his cool 'tools').

Looking over the bag for his child.

I picked these up at TJ Maxx.  I like for the children to have something to put their things in so they can get them home safely.

When we got back to Tennessee, Himself and I did our four boxes for the oldest boys. 

Getting everything laid out in four piles.

Everything I managed to fit into one box!

This year we put in some small tools.  In many countries a 14 year old boy is practically a man.  We hope these things will help him learn a trade.

Of course Persia had to check everything out.

Nosy cat!

Church also had a Shoebox project.  The materials set out in the Fellowship Hall for about a month.

On Collection Sunday there were 225 shoe boxes brought in.  Our final total was (I think) 241 boxes.

Not bad!

Here are our six boxes.

Filling out the paperwork!

On the last day of collection, many relay sites brought in their boxes.  There were so many volunteers helping; including soldiers from Ft. Campbell.

They moved cartons from the relay station truck into the shipment truck.

Those are full size Semi trailers... one full and one getting that way quickly.

Himself got in on the unloading when a church brought in their boxes.

Little Bird's box.

I wonder where our boxes will go...

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