Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Fragile Illumination

The December artist lecture at the Customs House Museum in Clarksville was given by glass artist Thomas Spake.  ( http://thomasspakestudios.com/ )

His signature is removing layers of glass by either sand blasting or etching.

Isn't it interesting how you can see the layers of color in the internal glass?

Beautiful swirls.

On this one, the solid yellow lines are etched away.

Same technique as the first one.  Does it remind you of an orange?

He is inspired by photos from nature.  Can you see a waterfall going down a mossy cliff?

There is texture to this one that I just could not capture.

Mr. Spake's lecture was excellent.  He told about his training as a glass artist and how he has evolved.  Now much of his inspiration comes from the colors and patterns he sees in nature.  He doesn't try to copy what he sees but rather, like an Impressionistic artist, renders a piece of art that speaks differently to every person.

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