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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Am I Boring You?

More and more frequently I find myself wondering if I am boring the person or persons I am with.

The reason I’m having these thoughts is it seems no matter what I am doing – business or pleasure – the people I’m with are taking cell phone calls (non emergency), texting whoever or “tweeting”. Driving down the road. In meetings. During church. During meals. In the middle of conversations.


I don’t want to hear they are “multi-tasking”. The definition of multi-tasking is “doing two or more things with less attention to details”. My definition when it involves interaction with other people is “being extremely rude”.

On a similar note, I have found myself quite a few times in a store actively talking with a clerk about a forthcoming purchase. The phone rings and they answer – and start helping this person who interrupted our transaction!

Excuse me! I’m the one who drove to your store and am probably prepared to make a purchase. Put the caller on hold until you are finished helping me; the one who was here first…

If I’m boring you, I’ll be more than happy to leave- my time is valuable too.


  1. Oooh, Oooh, Oooh! Mr. Kotter!!!!

    Oh, yeah, this has got to me my number one pet peeve these days! Even one of my best friends does this, and if I stop talking, she'll say, "no, no, keep talking, I'll just be a second while I text this."

    Okay, I know you're close by me - have you perchance been in the new Walmart in Nashville - Dickerson Road at Briley? DON'T!!! I won't go into all the problems and atrocities I've encountered there, but I will say that on my very first foray, my CASHIER took a cell phone call while he was checking me out! Totally ignored me; just kept on talking and handed me a receipt. I said Thank You, just to be flippant, and he never even heard me. Talk about rude!

  2. Good Points Teri!
    Pretty bad when you are in a doc's office and the patients are told to not use cell phones, but the girls in the front office sure were busy with theirs! One even asked me to wait a moment, handed me over to someone who didnt have a clue (poor thing) so she could answer her cell. I chalked it up as it must be an emergency, but then when I was signing out, she was texting under her desk!


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