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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Join the Club!

In this journey of ‘self’ I’ve come to realize that often a person’s purpose is blurred by group activities that have no real value to that person either in information or enjoyment.

I was in quite a few organization and clubs. Perhaps too many. That was one of the things I considered. I believe that not only should any organization I join meet a need for me, but I should also meet a need in the organization. In other words – if you’re going to join then contribute to the group by working it.

In fact, I’ll go even broader and say that if ANYONE joins an organization (club, church, service group, association…) they should contribute their time and effort to the organization. It’s said in most groups 10% of the membership does 90% of the work.

Oh don’t I know that! And the 10% are TIRED!!

Anyway… I pulled out my calendar and wrote down all the groups I was a part of, what my involvement was in each of them and my general thoughts about each.

Wow! It was a very eye opening exercise. There were THREE that I really didn't want to do anymore. They didn't have a purpose in my life anymore so there really wasn't any reason to be a part of them. I’ll be letting each know to take me off the rolls.

And now the decision has been made… if feels pretty good.

And the three I choose to stay involved in can now receive the attention they deserve. Nice.

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