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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nashville Bonsai Club 2010 Show

This weekend is the big bonsai show my club puts on each year. We have it at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens in Nashville. This year it coincides with an exhibit by stain glass artist Dale Chihuly so we had a LOT of visitors.

There are bonsai exhibitors from many states with their beautiful trees (52 trees are being shown this year). I hope next year I will have a tree or two ready to exhibit.

There are merchants selling trees, accent plants, tools and bonsai pots.

There are contests. This year it is a styling contest where the contestants are each given a juniper and have something like 4 hours to turn it into a bonsai tree.

And there are workshops. This year we had a “bring your own tree” styling class taught by Guy Guidry – who is well known for the beautiful bonsai he creates.

As soon as I finish sorting my photos, I’ll show you what happened with the tree I brought for the workshop.


  1. Oh, can't wait to see your tree. I think that would be fasinating!

  2. Beautiful! would love to see your tree.


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