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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Trenton Days - Mega Yard Sale

Had a fun morning out yesterday with Best Friend. A little town nearby has an annual town-wide yard sale. I can usually find some sort of treasure each year and I was not disappointed!

I’d barely gotten started when I saw these two lovelies across the street. Yes, they’re a bit rusty (OK, they are a lot rusty) but don’t they have fantastic lines?! I’ll find someone to sand blast them for me and then I will paint them some fun colors.

My other treasure was this antique lock. Don’t know what I’m going to do with it yet… but I’ll find something fun for it.

After a couple hours shopping it was starting to get HOT so we packed it in. But since we were that far out we made a quick stop at my favorite pick-your-own berry patch. It’s not that much more for pre-picked so that is what I did today.

There will be a cobbler in the oven today!

One of our last stops was an Amish farm where I picked up fixings for tomorrow’s meal. A watermelon and a cantaloupe. Yellow squash to sauté. Green tomatoes to fry. One ear of corn. And some fresh green peppers to stuff. Mmmmm!


  1. LOVE those chairs! I know exactly what colors I would paint them. That has to be fun having an entire town in on the sale. ~Lili

  2. Wonderful finds! I love the antique lock. This would have been a fun sale to go too. I also would have enjoyed the Amish farm trip too! I never been to Amish country and think I would enjoy it. Thanks for visiting me and your kind comments!


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