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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Before and After: A Dresser for Little Hoss

I found this dresser on Craig’s List. It was pretty beat up and I was able to get it for $50 (they had asked $100 but the finish was so bad they agreed to cut the price when I picked it up). I got it for my nephew "Little Hoss". My sister uses large dressers for the kids changing tables. Smart move. No sense buying a piece of furniture that can’t be used after a couple years and doesn’t have much storage.

I took it up to Missouri my last trip and the refinishing of it became a family project.

Here’s an almost before shot. Dad was sanding a lot earlier than I out of bed!

Like I said, the top was in rough shape. The drawers had taken a bit of beating too and I ended up having to do some repairs to the drawer rails.

Dad has all the cool tools. I found out that I really, really want an orbital sander!

Yep, look how well that little jewel works!

After we got it all sanded down, Mom and I put the new stain on it. Neither one of us likes to use gloves. So much for my manicure!

But it was worth it! I think the finished product came out beautiful.


  1. Teri, great job! That looks wonderful. I need to look for things like that, but can I borrow the sander? :P

  2. Wow, didn't that turn out fabulous!! It looks like something from Pottery Barn Kids! ~Lili


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