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Saturday, July 3, 2010

July Landscape Project: Rose Garden

The rose garden is on the driveway side of the patio. It’s a mess.

The grass took over while I was gone almost 2 weeks. Weed cloth and mulch time! (Don’t you just love the grass in the driveway? So much for Round Up One Year spray!!! I’ve had much better results with the poison ivy formula.)

These canna were supposed to be moved early this summer. Now they have gotten huge. I have to decide if I want to chance moving them now to a new location (at the far end of my iris and day lily bed) or if I just wait until fall when I do the dividing of my day lilies. With this unrelenting heat & humidity we’ve been having I am leaning towards waiting until fall.

There has to be some trick or technique to growing roses here in the too humid South. They just don’t do well for me.

I have a terrible time with black spot – even tho I spray them.

Yep… it’s a mess…

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