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Thursday, July 8, 2010



Monday night I heard a strange noise… kinda a bang, kinda a pop. Here in the country you don’t get very many unexpected noises. I looked outside and didn’t see a thing. Maybe it was a barge on the river or something…

It wasn’t a barge…

Yesterday morning as I was moving the truck back down from the shed I am look over at the patio. And I look again!

The entire six person patio table top had shattered into a million little safety glass pieces!!!!! It looked like ice dumped on the patio. Nothing hit it! It just shattered. The WHOLE thing. Dang it!!

See??? I knew it!!! It’s so hot here it’s melting glass!!! j/k – maybe…

So… does anyone have any ideas for what to do with a broken out patio table and a bucket full of safety glass chips?


  1. Wow! Would be neat if you could find use for all the glass pieces, they look kind of beautiful in the picture.

  2. Wow, I knew it was hot, but I didn't think glass would shatter in the heat!

    I'd be willing to be that Martha Stewart could find some ingenious little project to create something beautiful with those shards. Are you going to have a new top made for the table?

  3. That's so strange. Maybe you could get a lightweight plywood, or something and do a mosaic of tiles or broken china with your glass pieces for the top of the table.

  4. No ideas here. Just reading this and scratching my head. That is really something. ~Lili


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