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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Six Degrees of Separation: The Deadliest Catch

Have you ever seen something and it’s just so familiar? But you don’t really think much about it… until all of a sudden it hits you?

That happened to me last night.

As you can imagine, with Himself working on the Bering Sea, I’m a fan of the Deadliest Catch. HE has gotten to meet some of those guys. And he is under warning that if such opportunity comes again… he had BETTER come home with photos and autographs! (His ship was even ON the show one episode for Pete’s sake… and he still didn’t get pictures!)

But enough of chasing that rabbit…

I’ve been watching this season faithfully. And every time I saw the wildcard ship “F/V Kodiak”, I’d get a feeling about it… one of those pleasant memory feelings. But I’d be so into watching the show I never really thought about it.

Until last night at 1:38 am. I jumped out of bed and opened my photo file of the pictures I took while I was on Himself’s ship in March ’08. And there she was… the Kodiak. One of my favorite series of shots of ships bringing their cod in for processings.

I have quite a few still photos and two videos; the short clip below and a 9 minute piece of the Kodiak coming up and tying into the Independence (which is too long to put on here).

One of the deckhands (and I think he is on the ship for the show) spent about 30 minutes visiting with me while their cod was transferred to the Indy. It was fascinating to learn about how they fished cod (using the crab pots – not drag nets) and how it made for a better product. I wrote about it in this post:

I’ll be watching the Kodiak a lot closer tonight during the show!!

The Kodiak heading towards the Independence.

On the left is the deckhand I spent time visiting with. I can not remember his name and my notebook from the trip has gone AWOL.

The below video is cod being offloaded from the Kodiak. The weather was as miserable as it looks. I think there were wind gusts of 30 KPH and it was cold. And I was having a fantastic time! LOL

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