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Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Blue Ribbon Day

I am in an Extension Homemaker Club and every year they have a district ‘Cultural Arts’ competition.  There are all sorts over arts and crafts you can enter – almost 100 categories!  I usually enter in photography but this year decided to enter some of my DIY projects.

I put in 11 items and came home with 7 First place blue ribbons and 1 Second place red ribbon!   The first place items will go to state level competition in May.

My B&W photo of Highland Cows.

All three pieces of jewelry I entered.  I’ll be blogging more on these pieces in a few days. 

The felted silk scarf I just made. 

My button tree mixed media was first in “Autumn Décor”.  

And my blown glass ‘sea globe’ I made in Tacoma with spring. 

My second was a beaded vinegar and oil set.  It was so plain when I started on it! 

I was so pleased with how I did! 
With my Sunday crafting I’ve started doing and the craft classes I’m taking… next year I’ll have a LOT more to enter! 


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