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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Talk of the Town (aka A Slow News Day)

My little city was all a-buzz yesterday.  City officials showed up in spite of the rainy weather.  Crowds gathered in the darkness

The TV news crew was there.  What was the excitement about?

A new grocery store opened up!!!  We have a Publix in town!  (It must be a sssslllooowww news day when you come up 45 miles from Nashville to cover a grocery store opening.)
Since I was already awake and needed some groceries, I decided to drive into town for the 6:45 AM Grand Opening.   (Who does a grand opening before the sun even comes up?  Seriously!!)
I'm almost mowed over in the parking lot by some of our esteemed city officials who are running late and zoom across the parking lot rows!  
I get comfy in Little Red.  I was parked right next to the Channel 2 new van.  Prime people watching time!  A little after 6:45am, the line starts moving.  
Good!  I give it a couple more minutes and head up.  
Bad!  The line is at a dead stop inside the store where the store manager is going on and on and on about out "special" and "unique" each department is. 
So there I stand, waiting to get a buggy with about 5 women in front of me and who knows how many behind.  Then some dude actually breaks in the line to get a buggy.  I thought those women were going to jump him!!  He did too!  There was fear in his eyes as these women with sore feet and a grocery list turned on him.  He back-pedaled quickly!!  ROTFLOL
At that point, store manager says something about "are you all ready to start shopping?"  There is a cheer and the mass of people kind of shifts a bit.  Then he says, "First, let me introduce your city and county mayors."
That's it!  I turned around and worked my way out of the line.  I don’t know a politician yet who has ever been brief in their life!!  I get comfy in Little Red and wait some more.  About 15 minutes later I see people starting to move thru the store windows.  
Alrighty then, I head back in.  The mob has dispersed... with most of it in the bakery and deli section on the right.  I head left and to the rear.

And this is one of the reasons the shoppers are excited.  Produce that is unblemished and beautiful.

And meat that is well cut and fresh. 

So I have a good look around.  Picked up the few things I needed.  Tasted a few samples of store brand products.  Was handed a few freebies.

Picked up a few "unique" things... like the prickly pear yogurt.  

Welcome to town Publix!  I appreciate your high end styling and good customer service. 

Just one question tho…

Are stilettos and a fox fur optional shopping attire?

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  1. A couple of years ago I went to the Grand Opening of a Whole Foods close to us. It was as you described...a long line of people impatiently waiting for the doors to open (which I think happened 15 minutes past the posted time). When you got in the store, there were so many people you couldn't move. I went back to the store the next day, and it was much better.


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