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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Surprise for Himself: Office Makeover Before

This is going to be my first $0 Make-over!  I’m going to redo Himself’s office so that it is organized and easy for him to use.  He detests organizing from scratch and since he’s home only half the year, there are so many other things he would rather do.   I hate it that he always wants to shut the door when we have company over.  

This is going to be his Valentine’s present for this year… tho it will be a while before he can enjoy it!  (But that gives me more time to do it… LOL). 

His desk is positioned in front of the window because he enjoys bird watching.  But it is cluttered up with too much nonfunctional stuff.  It needs to be streamlined with elements that make keeping organized simple.

That UGLY blind has to go… we bought a replacement and have never gotten around to putting it up.

Lighting has to be addressed.  It’s too high; I need to cut the glare.

The mess under the desk needs help too.  Computer components are such a hassle!

One of the biggest issues is filing.  The two pitiful file cabinets he has are a pain to use and hard to get to.  So I will be working on a filing system that will be easy for him to use.

Ahhhh… the closet.  Totally useless.  

We took off the two big doors because it took half the tiny room for them to open.  Seriously… who planned this room’s layout?  That is the stuff I threw in there when we moved in.    Stacked like that, you can’t get to anything!  Total overhaul needed. 

Need a more comfortable extra chair too.  Kicker is, it does have to be a folding chair so it can be put away when not being used.

Books and mementos.  Need to come up with a better way to display things to make the most out of his space.  And he needs to be able to get to the books he uses. 

So… this is my challenge.  To organize Himself’s office into an incredible space that will bowl him over when he gets home.  And to do it without spending any cash. 

To keep me moving on it, I’ve joined the “29 Day Challenge” over at ‘Organizing Junkie’. 


  1. Great gift idea...good luck with the challenge!

  2. Holy Cow! At first I thought, "What kind of a challenge is that?" And then I saw the closet!!


  3. Good luck with the challenge what a cool idea to do it as a gift.

  4. You're the second post I've read today about reorganizing an office...I wonder if I should be paying attention :-)

  5. Costco has wood folding chairs with fabric padded seats right now (pretty cheap but not $0!) Good luck -- and thoughtful gift!

  6. Bet you survived the challenge huh? Kudos on such a wonderful present. Your office makeover plans are just divine.


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