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Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Little Ladder Love

I’ve always liked the look of old ladders but I wasn’t sure what to do with them other than hang towels across them.  Enter Pinterest!  I’ve been saving up the cute ideas onto a board dedicated just to ladder ideas.  Take a look at some of them at:

I got this old ladder from Mom when she changed out some of her decorating.  You’ll be seeing it again very soon in a big project I’m working on.

This is one of our own old step ladders.  It got so rickety that Himself forbid me to use it anymore… so I found a whole new way to use it – in the yard!  During the warm months, I have bird houses and such on it.  Looks nice with the flowers growing around it. 
And yes… those are daffodils you see coming up on Feb 4 th! 

The first of my two ‘newest’ ladders I found at the ReStore.  What a wonderful old ladder!  I’ll get TWO projects out of this one ladder!

One side has regular ‘steps’ and the other has these cool rungs. 

Isn’t it fabulous?

The other ladder is much newer.  It doesn’t have any sort of hinge on the side; don’t think I’d really care for that feature in a step ladder!  However, it works out for me as I am seeing this as a shelf of some sort.

Whatever I do with it will have to feature these textured steps tho. 

Yes… that is the price I paid for them! 
I’m going to have some fun with these!

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  1. I love your old ladders. $5 is such a great price. I have a couple in my home too! I use one to hang towels on and the other one holds plants.


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