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Friday, February 17, 2012

Update on Office Makeover - #2 The Desk

Now that my painting is finished and I’m back from spending a week in Missouri, I’m picking up speed on the office makeover for Himself.  I’ve been working on his desk… which is actually our old kitchen table.  It is perfect since it gives him space to spread out his paperwork as he enters data. 

To start working on it, I cleared everything out of the area.  The file cabinets are out of here… next trip to the ReStore they are coming with me.  I have a plan for his files so they won’t be needed anymore. 

Next I moved the table over to make space for the new filing area.  That will be built next week. 

The light will be changed out… have to get up in the attic to bring down one I’m going to use instead.  And I’m thinking of putting the speakers on a small shelf on the wall behind the monitor.  They’re in the way on the desk. 

That leaves the desk table as pretty much a blank slate for me to organize as the office comes together over the next two weeks.

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  1. Teri, we're having new floors put in our dining/living/office room and so we are rearranging, too. Looking forward to seeing your final project.


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