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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This and That

February has been my month of chaos… but a GOOD chaos.  You know those people who have 10 projects going at once?  I’m one of them!

Last month I had decided I wanted to redo the master bedroom AND as a Valentine’s gift – Himself’s office. 

And since I was going to paint the master bedroom (all the walls were still “sell-this-house-beige” from when we moved in), I might as well paint the living room, kitchen/dining area, and the long hallway. This meant I had to move stuff off of the walls and shelves… and we have a lot of stuff that had to be moved.  Uff-da!

All at the same time…

Are you picturing the chaos?  LOL 
But it’s all good and coming along well.  First thing that will be ‘done’ will be Himself’s office; that will take about one more week.  I’ve slowed down on the master bedroom to focus on that. 
And as I’m putting things back in the LR and kitchen, I’m doing a bit of rearranging there too.  New paint does that to you!
Now toss into this mix my pottery classes… my jewelry classes… cooking classes (both as teacher and student)… and a week in Missouri to see my precious niece and nephew.
And new gutters! 
And a truck that decided it wanted a new transmission - yep, poor Little Red is sick.  So I’ve been driving a rental CAR – meaning zero hauling capacity.  (Chrysler 200 is now OFF my possible want list for a car…)
Welcome to my February! 

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  1. Teri, I am with you! We are redoing the floors in our living room and bedroom, hence our rearranging and clutter. Can't wait to see all your new ideas and rooms. :)


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