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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sneak Peek at a Craftsman Remodel

I have been watching a house be remodeled for the last year.  It is right along my route into town so I’ve really been following its progress… especially once they started putting in Craftsman finishes! 
It is now finished and last Sunday there was an open house.  I went to get the details to share with someone AND I really wanted to see it! 

The front is fantastic and they have even made the side entrance pretty.

What a welcoming entry! 

Here’s what you see when you come thru the front door.

LOVE that fireplace!

The floors are an exotic oak.  I really like the grain (we’re going to put hickory in our house because of the strong grain).

The entry into the kitchen/dining area… and on to the deck.  I want that doorway!!

A small but efficient kitchen.

The backyard.

Master bedroom…   What a fabulous window seat! 

The master bath.  The house has 3 full baths.

OK… I am so doing this around our tub!

The stairs down (that is the front door at the top).  I really like the iron spindles. 

A huge rec room.  Oh how I wish my hobby room could look like this… starting with those windows!

Good idea having a little ‘entry’ to keep from tracking in dirt.

Another look at the stairs.

Like this shower!
There are so many great Craftsman features and colors; it really looks like an old Craftsman that has been updated.  I think the builder did a fantastic job.
If you’d like to see more, here is the MLS listing: 

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  1. They did a great job remodeling! Lovely house and really like the exterior, too.


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