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Monday, February 27, 2012

Iron Crafter: Jewelry #1

I’ve been doing so many project the last couple months… and have projects lined up into infinity (thank you Pinterest!) … that I can’t keep up with showing them on the blog.  So I’ve decided to do my own little series that I’m going to call “Iron Crafter”.

Just like the “Iron Chef” TV show, there will be a ‘mystery ingredient’ (theme) that I will focus on for that post.  I think it will be fun!

So for my first Iron Crafter post the theme is “JEWELRY”.

I’ve been inspired by Pinterest and my jewelry workshops to break out my supplies and start using them again. 

A few weeks ago when Best Friend was over for our ‘Chick Weekend’, not only did we make terrariums and mixed media art… we made necklaces.

My Chick Weekend necklace.

Best Friend made two necklaces. 

Then there are the pieces I took to the Cultural Arts contest:

My Pinterest inspiration “Travel” necklace.  I don’t really wear single pendants anymore and that made me kinda sad since I have so many that I love.  Putting them all together into a fun large piece is perfect for me.  And I can add to it new things picked up in our travels.

This chunky necklace and bracelet set are something I like to wear with a turtleneck sweater.  It’s a heavy piece but it always gets compliments.

The wire wrap dichroic glass ring.  As you know, I love blown and dichroic glass things.  This is my first wire wrap glass and I will be doing many more wire wrapped pieces.  (Sorry for the blurred photo – I wanted to get it large enough to be seen but I’ve mislaid the ring!  So I used the photo from the contest. )

I was playing around with asymmetrical stringing with this necklace.  I made it to go with another 2 strand necklace I wanted to add some bulk to. 

This hematite necklace was made just for the 3 silver bells given to me by a friend.  He picked them up in a market in Saudi Arabia. 

And this one was made to show off the 3 large beads.  They are Kazuri beads ( ) from Kenya.  I bought a large mixed bag of Kazuri beads when we were in Kenya in 2006. 

A multistrand necklace.  I made this to go with a particular outfit I have.  I added the third strand in lower on the necklace as I didn’t want a lot of bulk up at my neck. 

This bracelet is made of Ethiopian crosses I bought in the market in Addis Ababa on our 2003 trip.  I came home with quite a few of them.   I’ve made a few things as gifts but have just gotten around to doing something for me.

Two single strand bracelets I wear together.  They look great with jeans.

These are what I have finished right now.  I’ve been having such a good time designing and making my various jewelry pieces that I’m sure I’ll have more to show later.

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