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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Time to be in the Fresh Air!

March is definitely roaring in like a lion… we’re having severe thunderstorms today - with a clear day to welcome the first of March – then back to thunderstorms! 

I’m ready for spring, tho we certainly didn’t have much of a winter this year.  I don’t think I wore my coat even once.

January and February were my “working in the house” months.  I’ve gotten a lot done… painting the upstairs, giving Himself’s office a makeover (reveal tomorrow!) and a makeover for the master bedroom too (got a bit more to go on that… I have help coming on Monday to finish out those things I couldn’t do by myself).

March starts my yard and shed work.  To help motivate myself, I’m heading to the Nashville Lawn and Garden show in the morning.  If that doesn’t give you a case of spring fever, nothing will! 

I’ve already made some plans tho cause the front of my house is seriously boring.  I will finish the ‘courtyard’ area next to the front door, I’m going to put down some HEAVY duty weed barrier in several areas along the front walk, my herb bed is going in this year (!!!), the front porch is due a makeover, and I’m going to plant several beds in my ‘bird’ garden.
I’m going to have some curb appeal by the time I’m done!
Plus I’m going to clean out the shed (that is a scary thing!) and clean up behind it too.  
That will keep me busy for March and April.
Do you have any spring plans?

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