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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jewelry Making at Artifacts

This weekend I started a series of jewelry making workshops over at “Artifacts”   in downtown Clarksville. 

They are taught by Rachel and she is a fabulous teacher.  Very good at explaining what you are supposed to be doing… and at showing you how to fix it when you didn’t do what you were supposed to be doing!! 
My class on Friday was “Basic Wire Wrapping”. 
These are the tools we used (plus the wire).

We practiced making different types of loops and wraps.  And practiced and practiced and practiced…

Here’s one of the projects as it’s coming along.

We made swirls too.  I have all sorts of ideas on how to use these!

Basic wiring of drilled pendants was taught too.  

Do you see an earring project starting here??

Here is my finished wire wrap bracelet.  We even made the hook clasp.
On Saturday I was back for the “Hammered Copper Cuff” class.  I love cuff bracelets!
This is what you start with… copper tubing.

Here are the tools. 

And the stamps for embellishing your bracelet.

After a lot of pounding and a being taught a few “tricks” to make a nice product, I ended up with this fun cuff bracelet.  We also did the rings you see next to it. 

Rachel brought these pendants she had made for more inspiration. 
I got so much in these two classes.  It’s going to be so much fun making new jewelry with the techniques I learned!
I can’t wait for my other workshops!!


  1. Oh ! I envy you ...I've wanted to take one of those classes for a very long time. Hopefully soon! Can't wait to see what all you whip up!

  2. I loved seeing your blog about our classes! I believe I had more fun than the student!! Can't wait for the next one.



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