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Monday, June 17, 2013

AKA Road Trip: All Aboard the Dinosaur Train!

(Spoiler alert!  Sis, don’t let the babies see this blog.  I’m making a book for them with the photos.)
After breakfast in our room (have cooler, will travel!) we headed out for a bit of fun kitsch.  Anyone care for a bit of time travel back to Dinosaur World?  ( )
Once again there was a lot of laughter and eye rolls!  You enter the park thru a very nice gift shop.  You want dinosaurs; this is the place to find them!!  Prices were good too. 
When you exit the gift shop into the park, there are a variety of things for the kids to do (big kids too). 
There is the “fossil dig” where kids can sift thru ‘seeded’ sand for fossils. 
They can take three home as souvenirs.  They aren’t half bad either.
There is a cute playground too for burning off some energy. 
Covered picnic tables line two sides so it is also a good place for parents to take a break.
A small museum has all sorts of interesting displays.
I thought they were well presented for a fun learning experience.
Some displays were outside, like this ‘Ultrasaurus’ from the Jurassic period.  (I think they are the ones you see at the beginning of Jurassic Park). 
There are a few funny photo op sites too. 
After exploring all this it was time to walk thru the dinosaur forest.  I think I was as excited as the kids! 
It’s a nice walk with a concrete pathway. 
All along the route are dinosaurs tucked in here and there as tho you were going thru “Jurassic Park”. 
Each display has an information sign near it.
We had a blast just walking along taking in the various displays.
I think they did a nice job placing them about the woods, so you would come up on them here and there.
There was also a display of wooly mammoths in an area away from the dinosaurs.
That’s a big baby!
We took a bunch of silly photos too, for that above mentioned book for the kids.
It’s going to be fun creating those!
We had a blast at Dinosaur World!  I would highly recommend it for any dinosaur lover of any age. 

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