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Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Plans

Himself left this last weekend for the boat and it’s time for me to get to work too! 

I’m going to work on very specific items this summer: inside and out.

I’ve finally gotten my house decluttered (except for the stuff in my studio/hobby room as I’m still working on that).  It’s now time to get what I have left completely organized, and do a bit of culling while I’m at it.  I have just the right number of weeks to spend one week in each room getting in organized. 

This week: the master bedroom and closet.

The studio is a project in itself!  Himself got so much done for me the first part of the year.  Now it’s my time to get in and bring it all together during the summer.  Again, I have it broken down into sensible bits for each week.
This week: paint and build shelves in a closet so I can store my frames, clear the west wall area and start getting it set up, and do a basic ‘neatening’ of the general room.

Then there is the never-ending yard.  I’ll be getting up with the sun to beat the TN heat.  I’m going to focus only on the area 40 feet out all around the house. 
This week:  finish getting annuals the herb bed, spruce up the porch and deck, and mulch an area in the bird garden around a tree. 

And of course I have some creative projects lined up for relaxation. 

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  1. I would say you have alot on note happening to Do"s. You say your going to get some quality time.

    Really? I hope for your sake.



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